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‘Tis the season to be saving

Published: December 5, 2022
Categories: Financial wellness, Self Help
Tags: Personal budget

The holidays are a time for fun, but it is also a time for keeping a very close eye on your budget. That doesn’t mean you can’t spend; it only means that you have to…

Gratitude can make you richer – for real!

Published: November 14, 2022
Categories: Self Help
Tags: Financial education

When we need more money, we look to the outside to find it. But maybe financial wellbeing starts on the inside. According to the dictionary, gratitude is the quality of being thankful. It is a…

Stay safe online

Published: November 7, 2022
Categories: Self Help
Tags: Unplanned events

About 30% of South Africans shop online these days. We enjoy the convenience, the variety at our fingertips and the great deals. But we should also be aware of the scams and crooks. One of…

No Spend November: can you do it?

Published: November 1, 2022
Categories: financial literacy, Self Help
Tags: Financial education, Financial Literacy

No Spend November is an actual thing. It doesn’t mean you spend no money; you simply spend money only on necessities. Why would you do it? How would you do it? Let’s find out. The…

How to transact safely online

Published: October 17, 2022
Categories: Self Help
Tags: Financial Tips

Cybersecurity can easily feel like one of those things that we have no control over. The good news is that there is a lot we can do to keep ourselves and our money safe, and…

The legal side of getting married

Published: September 13, 2022
Categories: Self Help
Tags: Marriage

A marriage contract is like an umbrella: you don’t need it until it starts raining. And while you might believe that true love will protect your union from all possible storms, the biggest favour you…

What women say about success

Published: August 15, 2022
Categories: Self Help
Tags: Self-development

We asked the women employed at Bayport a few questions about success – professionally and financially – and here are their thoughts. There is much wisdom and food for thought in these answers, particularly as…

Protect your future with the right insurance

Published: June 21, 2022
Categories: Self Help
Tags: Financial Health

Insurance can feel like a waste of money when you don’t need it, and the best investment you’ve ever made when you do. Let’s look at how to choose insurance that is right for you….

Provide for your child’s education from day 1

Published: June 13, 2022
Categories: Self Help
Tags: Financial education

Education may not guarantee a better life, but it is the best shot you can give your child at success. That’s why you should start providing for education as soon as your child is born….

You can teach your child to be a job creator

Published: June 6, 2022
Categories: Self Help
Tags: Become your own boss

In a country where millions of young people are unlikely to ever get a job, we as parents have to help our children to be job creators instead of job seekers. There are many different…

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