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What women say about success

Published: August 15, 2022
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We asked the women employed at Bayport a few questions about success – professionally and financially – and here are their thoughts. There is much wisdom and food for thought in these answers, particularly as we celebrate Women’s Month.

76% of the women who responded to our survey, said that family was the most important to them; 13% put themselves first, and 12% career and money.

What makes or will make you feel empowered in the workplace?

Appreciation, recognition and equal treatment were at the heart of most of the responses to this question. Our respondents also highlighted the need for role models, especially women in leadership positions.

Sisa: “For me it has to be equality. Women in our workplace are given equal opportunities to thrive regardless of age or looks. Women who stand up and believe in what they stand for inspire others – including the men in the business, and that is awesome.”

Zandi: “Respect. Nothing makes me feel more empowered than being respected and put first.”

Melinda: “One of the most effective ways to empower myself and other women is to express appreciation for their efforts. When people feel valued and appreciated, it encourages a positive work environment.”

Thandi: “I feel empowered when the vision of the organisation is shared, so I can feel like I am contributing to building something as opposed to being just another cog in the wheel. I’m empowered when my efforts are appreciated and when I’m provided with the necessary resources. I don’t expect problems to be magically resolved for me. Instead, offer me tools and resources, and the opportunity to be a sounding board for ideas.”

Linda: “I feel empowered when I’m given the opportunity and am trusted to lead. Also when my male counterparts hear and acknowledge my thoughts and ideas – not because I am a woman, but because I have the knowledge and capabilities. Being empowered is to be supported, especially by other women in the organisation, that we don’t see each other as threats or competition, but embrace each other and our different skills. Women in leadership positions should not be forced to adopt to manly traits to be seen powerful or intelligent; they should be appreciated and acknowledged as feminine and soft. That would be empowerment for women in a nutshell.

What smart money/financial moves you have made to improve your financial wellness?

The women at Bayport understand the importance of saving, cutting back on expenses and staying on top of debt. Naledi used her savings to build back rooms she can rent out, while Sive is saving in advance for her son’s school stationery and Karabo has stopped buying clothes on credit.

Sisa: “I have two ways to save money: my friends and I opened a stokvel where we put away a certain amount of money a month and we will only cash it out at the end of the year with interest. I also have a fixed savings account where I put away any extra cash. That gives me a sense of responsibility and independence as a woman.”

Zandi: “I recently approached the Money Solutions team and they helped me settle all my debts. I am now able to save money and only have one instalment. I no longer stress like I used to before – I am a happy employee and a happy woman.”

Thandi: “I have started a side hustle which is doing really well, and I reduced my spending on entertainment and takeaways. I opted for monthly subscription of data and airtime and that help me to reduce the monthly bank charges. Lastly, I’m paying my debts because I can leverage a great credit score into great deals in the future.”

Linda: “In the past three years, I closed all my retail accounts, credit cards and overdraft. I have since improved my credit score, opened a savings and investment account, bought a new house and saved enough to furnish the house cash. Living a debt-free life has given me my confidence back and I am now able to make better financial decisions.”

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