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7 steps to create a financial vision board

Published: January 17, 2022
Categories: Financial wellness
Tags: Invest in Self Development
Vision baord

Make you money dreams and goals visible As the new year gets underway, how about a new approach to achieving your financial goals and dreams? A vision board could be the perfect thing for you….

How to give yourself a fresh financial start

Published: January 10, 2022
Categories: Financial wellness
Tags: Financial Literacy, Personal budget
Cards and money

How to make a fresh financial start Even if you have healthy money habits, it is a good idea to take a long, hard look at them every once in a while, – such as…

Types of financial goals you can set in 2022

Published: January 3, 2022
Categories: Financial wellness
Tags: Financial Planning
hands holding house keys

Your 2022 financial goalposts The start of a new year is a good time to reset – or even set for the first time – your financial goals. It sounds like a great idea, but…

Let’s give gifts differently this year

Published: December 23, 2021
Categories: Financial wellness
Tags: Managing your Money

Take a different gift giving approach. Buying gifts for Christmas can be a big – and expensive – exercise. So how about doing things differently this year, and saving yourself emotional and financial stress, not…

How to stretch your December salary

Published: December 6, 2021
Categories: Financial wellness
Tags: Managing your Money

Stretch your December salary into financial wellness. On the calendar January has 31 days, but when you are waiting for payday to arrive, it can feel more like 948. However, with a bit of planning…

Don’t let scams ruin your financial health

Published: December 1, 2021
Categories: financial literacy, Financial wellness
Tags: Financial Literacy
man on phone

Scams can ruin your financial health – don’t fall for them. The convenience of online banking and using smart devices for all kinds of transactions, comes with a risk. Fraudsters and scammers keep finding ways…

Get a little help to achieve financial wellness

Published: November 29, 2021
Categories: Financial wellness
Tags: Managing your Money

A money buddy can help you achieve financial wellness. People often feel very alone when they have money problems. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Asking for help and support is a powerful…

How to avoid back-to-school financial stress

Published: November 10, 2021
Categories: Financial wellness
Tags: Financial Planning
Man stressed with papers in front of him

You can avoid back-to-school financial stress. Back to school only happens in January, but the financial planning needs to be done now so that you know how much money you need to save. In preparing…

Debt consolidation can put you back in charge of your finances

Published: November 4, 2021
Categories: Financial wellness
Tags: Managing your Money

How to know if debt consolidation is right for you When you look at how to get out of debt, consolidating several different loans into one could be the best financial decision you’ve made this…

A balance between needs and wants leads to financial health

Published: November 2, 2021
Categories: Financial wellness
Tags: Managing your Money
Needs vs wants

Financial health means balancing needs and wants Budgeting is important at any time of the year, but if you go into the year-end holiday season without a plan to guide your spending, you could end…

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