Boost your own income and help others to achieve financial wellness Become a Bayport agent and boost your income
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Boost your own income and help others to achieve financial wellness

Published: September 8, 2020
Categories: Financial wellness
Tags: Financial education

Are you looking for ways to improve your financial wellness, supplement your income, and maybe even get out of debt? Becoming an independent Bayport agent might just be the opportunity you’ve been looking for. Not only can you improve your own finances, but Bayport’s debt solutions can also help your customers to manage their financial stress.

Flexibility is at the heart of being a Bayport agent. You can dedicate all your career-energy to Bayport, or you can keep doing your current job and sell after hours and on weekends to earn extra cash. It is also the perfect option for a stay-at-home parent or a retired person who wants to stay busy and boost their pension.

Whoever you are, being a Bayport sales agent can fit in perfectly with your current lifestyle, while helping you to achieve your own financial goals – just like Megan Cogill is doing.

Megan has been a Bayport agent since 2010. “Things started slowly,” she remembers, “but as my customer base grew, my business gained traction. There were tough days but my determination was bigger than those challenges and I kept doing what was required to generate more customers. I paid cash for my first car with my commission earnings. I can give my family the lifestyle they deserve and we even extended our house. I have achieved a lot working for Bayport and I’m looking forward to becoming better and earning more. With Bayport, you can achieve all your dreams.”

At Bayport, we are proud of how our products help our customers to achieve their money goals. Sometimes they just need a small loan to handle an emergency, but many customers also take out big loans to buy a house or a car, or to start a business.

Helping customers getting on top of debt is a satisfying aspect of being a Bayport agent. With our consolidation loans, customers can pay off several smaller loans – and get settlement discounts in the process – and end up with only one Bayport loan to repay. In most cases, their cash flow situation improves immediately because of our competitive interest rates and because the consolidated loan is smaller than the sum of the many different loans the customer had before.

We also provide our customers with all the financial education, tips, and tools they need to improve their money habits and achieve real financial wellness and security for themselves and their families.

As a Bayport agent, you can be part of these customer journeys to financial success, while improving your own situation.

While we cannot guarantee how much money you will make, we can tell you that the average Bayport sales agent completes six transactions per month (that’s one every five days), earning an average commission of R1 500 per transaction.

Our above-average sales agents complete a transaction every two days – taking their earnings to as much as R22 500 per month.

Selling is easy and convenient, thanks to the Bayport app you get on your smartphone or tablet. You can work whenever, wherever you want, without having to stick to office hours. There’s also no need to commute to an office – everything you need to engage customers, sell and earn is on your mobile device. And you don’t have to worry about data – we carry the data costs for Vodacom users.

However, all this independence and flexibility don’t mean that you are on your own. You will get all the training you need to competently and confidently sell our products, and you will have real-time support from our sales experts.

If this sounds like the right opportunity for you, contact us today!

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