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The importance of rewarding yourself

Published: May 23, 2022
Categories: financial literacy, Self Help
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May is the month in which we celebrate workers – you and I and millions like us. But life is not only about work, so let’s talk about rewards.

Here at Bayport, we ran a quick survey among our staff members to find out how they reward themselves for their hard work:

    • 13% don’t reward themselves.
    • 39% reward themselves with their favourite food or drinks, either on their own or with a friend or loved one.
    • 12% buy themselves shoes or clothes or have their hair done.
    • 10% go on holiday once a year, or on weekends away or even just do nature walks.
    • 10% take some me-time, either at a spa, at home in a bubble bath, or relaxing in the garden.
    • 8% buy themselves a small treat, such as a book or materials for craft projects.
    • 6% reward themselves by boosting their savings.

Here are some of the answers:

Matshidiso: I treat myself by buying something special, eg, chocolates or nice shoes.

Phehello: I take myself to a special dinner, if money permits.

Patience: I buy a big whole-nut chocolate.

Ranwedzi: I pay myself 5% of my net salary as a second income and it goes to my savings.

George: Nothing. Due to financial circumstances it’s hard to reward myself.

Khwedi: Go camping in my backyard.

Thandokazi: I buy a fancy coffee.

Suzette: By going for a sauna and swim at the gym.

Precious: A bubble bath with a glass of wine.

Samuel: I give my body enough rest on weekends and public holidays to ensure that I have enough strength for days that I have to toil.

It is clear from Bayporteers’ answers that rewarding yourself can take many different forms, and that it’s not the same thing for all people. It is also evident that a reward can cost a lot, like going to a spa, or nothing, like having a coffee date with your mother in her kitchen. The important thing is that the reward must be meaningful to you.

Why is it important to reward yourself?

Rewards help us to build good habits. When you give yourself a treat, your brain releases dopamine. This is a neurotransmitter that helps us feel happy and increases our memory retention, helps us sleep, and regulates our mood and appetite. A surge in dopamine reinforces specific behaviours as worthwhile, which makes us feel content. And when we are content, we are more productive.

You can’t just work, work, work and work even more. When all you have in life is work and no play, it is difficult to remain motivated. Besides, if you keep going without taking a break or rewarding yourself, you may suffer burnout.

Spoil yourself when you can: you’ll thank yourself for doing so because it makes the journey worthwhile. Others can cheer you on as you work through your responsibilities, but it ultimately comes down to you – you are your biggest source of inspiration and motivation. Treating yourself right isn’t selfish; it’s healthy.

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