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7 Money Saving Tips for the upcoming Easter Holidays

Published: March 6, 2020
Categories: financial literacy, Special events
Tags: Managing your Money
7 Money Saving Tips for the upcoming Easter Holidays

Just because it’s the holidays, it doesn’t mean you have to blow the budget and break the bank. All it takes to avoid the post-Easter holiday blues is a bit of planning and creative thinking.

Alfred Ramosed from Bayport offers sensible tips on how to save money over the holidays:

  1. Personal budget planning Proper personal budget planning is key to managing your spending and savings over the holidays. Work out exactly how much money you have to spend this holiday season before you start buying. Make a list of all your expected expenses and make sure you know where the money to cover it all will come from.
  2. Be disciplined with your money Write down every cent that you spend so that you know where your money goes. Never go over your budget, rather shop around for savings, promotions, coupons or vouchers. There are many specials offers around the Easter holidays, from accommodation to groceries, entertainment and more.
  3. Plan for the future beyond Easter Be vigilant in setting aside money for post-holiday expenses before you start spending over the April holidays. To safeguard against spending all your money, rather leave some cash at home if you are going away for the holidays. That way, even if you are tempted to spend it all over the holdiays, you can’t.
  4. Bea savvy shopper Last-minute shopping is a budget-destroyer. Before you shop, ask yourself three questions:
    • Do I really need it?
    • Will I still need it in a year’s time?
    • Will it add value to my life?
    Try to buy what you need in bulk for the holidays in advance, shop around to check where the best prices are to be found, and follow the golden rule of always making a shopping list – and stick to it!
  5. Beware the egg-hype Try not to get caught up in the Easter-egg buying hype. Instead of buying loads of expensive eggs, consider rather having a fun event where you and your kids hand-paint or decorate eggs to hide for shopping. Boiled eggs are a great, healthy alternative to chocolate eggs anyway.
  6. Sharing is caring Consider co-hosting celebrations and parties with friends or family members. That way one person doesn’t have to do all the cooking and preparations and the hosts can share the costs as well.
  7. Home is where the family is Whether you celebrate Easter or Passover, or not, the April holiday break provides the perfect opportunity to stay at home and spend quality time with family and friends. This makes far more sense than being stuck in Easter traffic to expensive high-season priced holiday destinations, spending all your hard-earned cash, only to get back exhausted from having to sit through the ques of cars trying to get back home.

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