Documents required when applying for a Loan with Bayport
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What documents do I require when applying for a loan online?

Bayport South Africa currently offers online loans of up to R 200 000 over a maximum period of 72 months to South African users on our website. When applying for an online loan from, you will need to submit the required documents in order for us to process your application. These documents include your most recent payslip, a copy of your ID document as well as your bank statements. This article give you some guidance on these required documents when applying online.

Payslip Unlike in the past where users were required to upload their three most recent months’ payslips, Bayport now only requires online loan applicants to upload their most recent payslip. For example, if you are a permanent employee that gets paid on the 25th day of every month and you apply for an online loan on the 10th of September 2018, we will require your August 2018 payslip. Be sure that the company details of your employer appears on your payslip or that the payslip is done on a company letterhead.

Clear copy of ID When applying for a loan at Bayport, we also require a clear copy of your ID document. Please ensure that you upload a copy of your ID that clearly displays your ID photo, full name and surname as well as your ID number.

Bank Statements Finally, all applicants must upload three months’ worth of bank statements in order for us to process your application. Your bank statements must be stamped with an official bank statement and must also reflect your salaries for the past three months. Bayport can obtain your bank statements on your behalf when you apply for a loan online.

Tips on uploading documents Because we want to make your loan application process as convenient and easy as possible for you, the following tips on applying for an online loan from Bayport may be quite useful.

  • Our website,, can be accessed from your computer, smart phone or tablet device.
  • When applying for an online loan, you can upload documents in a PDF or JPEG format.
  • This means you can easily take a picture of the required documents by using your tablet or smart phone and upload pictures of the required documents straight from your device.
  • When uploading pictures of the required documents, please be sure to keep the above mentioned guidelines in mind.
  • If you are looking to save time, print your electronic bank statement at home and take it to the bank to be stamped.

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