Linked Services Information

* We currently link your online Bayport Account to an Information Aggregation provider, in our case it is Envestnet®.
This process does not affect your credit score, nor is this a subscription or paid service.

The Information Aggregation provider accesses your online banking account in a ‘read-only’ state and gathers information through secure and encrypted channels so none of your online banking information is ever stored by Bayport. By linking your account, we can provide you with high-quality financial feedback through our valued services such as the Credit Health Report.

Access like this is usually always reported directly to you in a transparent manner i.e. your bank will notify you when Bayport accesses your account to perform a ‘read-only’ exercise.

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Who has access to my Bayport-Based information on your servers?

Our internal systems, servers, databases, and other infrastructure is access controlled and highly restricted. Only designated Bayport staff members are able to access a server when it is absolutely necessary to do so. Bayport staff that have access to perform this task are regularly reviewed. This is too ensuring that all security and protection of sensitive information protocols are adhered to.

When I am browsing the internet, is my information kept secure?

Yes, it is. We use an Extended Validation SSL Certificate provided to us by DigiCert Inc. DigiCert Inc is an internationally trusted digital certificate authority. This ensures that if your information is ever intercepted, it will still remain secured and protected.

Can Bayport employees view my bank account number and bank account details?

No, they cannot. We only store the last four digits of your account number. All your account information is securely stored and cannot be accessed by any members of our customer care or technical teams. They do not have access to view any sensitive information such as your account balance or your transaction history. We constantly work on improving the information we provide to you. In order for us to do so, your information may be viewed in accordance with our security protocol with the sole intent being to improve and further develop our services.

Why does Bayport access my account on a daily basis?

We aim to provide you with excellent service and in order for us to deliver on our core value of simplicity and innovation. We need to ensure that we have your most updated and accurate financial health information therefore we access your bank account records on a weekly basis. All this information is collected when Bayport performs a ‘read-only’ exercise on your account and is not stored by Bayport.

How can I protect my Bayport account?

You can protect your myBayport account by creating complicated passwords that are not easy to decipher. You should never give your password to anyone and always log out when you have finished using your account.

It is important to pay attention to your emails to identify phishing attempts. Here are some tips to identify phishing through emails:

  • Asks you for sensitive information such as your bank account number
  • The inconsistent writing style and language with spelling and grammatical errors
  • Contains suspicious links
How is my information kept secure while travelling over the internet?

All information that is transferred over the internet between your computer device and our servers is encrypted using 256-bit encryption. We use an Extended Validation SSL certificate provided by Entrust – a globally trusted digital certificate authority. This ensures that, even if intercepted, your information remains protected.

Who has access to the servers and other technology that holds your information?

Access to our servers, databases and other infrastructure as well as internal systems is very tightly restricted. Only the Bayport team members who absolutely have to have access are able to do so. We regularly review each individual’s access rights and make necessary changes to ensure that we adhere to our ‘only the information you need’ policy.

Can Bayport employees view my bank account numbers or credit cards numbers?

Full account and card numbers are not visible because we only store the last four digits. All your information in thos accounts is stored securely. Our customer support team do not have access to any account or transaction balances. Your information may be seen by technical personnel, in accordance with specified procedures and safeguards governing access, in order to operate, develop and improve the service.

How can I protect my Bayport profile?

Keep your Bayport login details safe to prevent unauthorized access to your profile. Don’t install programs from people or companies you don’t know. And learn to prevent identity theft and identify phishing attempts.

Phishing often happens through emails that may:

  • ask you for sensitive information like passwords or bank account details.
  • tell you to take action immediately to avoid serious consequences.
  • have spelling and grammatical errors.

Remember not to click any links in suspicious looking emails. Rather visit websites manually to verify whether the information you were sent via email is authentic.