Bayport’s Credit Life Insurance Policy

Why Bayport’s Credit Life Insurance policy is a smarter choice? Our life cover is one of the best available with the most benefits.

The Bayport Credit Life Insurance is priced at R 5.50 per R 1,000.00 in line with the provisions of the National Credit Act 34 of 2005. Included in the premium, unlike other credit insurance products in the market who pay your instalment for up to 12 months in the event that you are retrenched or temporarily disabled, the Bayport Credit Life will settle your outstanding balance in similar eventualities.

In the past three years, over R130 million in credit life insurance claims has been paid out for more than 4500 customers, all with the aim of assisting them where they are exposed to unexpected events.

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Your own credit life insurance

What is Credit life insurance?

Credit life insurance ensures that your loan will be settled should you become disabled, loss of your job, contract a dread disease or pass away.

It therefore protects you send your family against debt.If you have chosen to get the credit life insurance you need from a provider other than Bayport, please upload the policy here.

Please be reminded that by activating the Credit Life Insurance substitution process, your application will be subject to re-calculations and possible delays of the application