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Bayport and RoadCover make it easier for South Africans to claim compensation from the Road Accident Fund. To become a member, simply send an SMS to 47973 and a Bayport agent will contact you to take you through the sign-up process.

RoadCover helps all road accident victims, whether they were a passenger in a vehicle or a pedestrian.

For only R59/month, membership covers you (the main member), your spouse and children, and your domestic worker(s).

Once you are a member, RoadCover will:



You get all the money the Road Accident Fund pays out.

What is the Road Accident Fund?

It is a government entity that pays compensation to people who are injured in road accidents, or to the dependants of people who are killed in road accidents, as a result of third party negligence. The RAF has jurisdiction in South Africa only.

To claim from the RAF, you have to prove the seriousness of your injury and the fact that someone else was at fault. The claims process is complicated and can take a long time and cost a great deal of money.

What can I claim for from the Road Accident Fund?

If nobody died in the accident (alive benefit):

  • Medical expenses (past and future).
  • Loss of earnings or income (past and future) if a person is disabled following the accident.
  • General damages for pain, suffering and disfigurement.

When someone dies in the accident (Deceased Benefit):

  • Loss of support if the breadwinner died in the accident.
  • Funeral expenses up to R6 500.

Who can claim from the Road Accident Fund?

If nobody died in the accident (Alive Benefit):

  • A person who was personally injured (except the driver who was the sole cause of the accident).
  • The dependant of a person who died in a road accident.
  • A close relative of the deceased can claim for funeral expenses.

For only R59/month, membership covers you, your spouse and children, and your domestic worker(s).

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