Bayport customer stories – Mrs Loretta Mathimba

Loretta Mathimba

This is how we make a difference every day – the Bayport way.

Loretta Mathimba has been a loyal Bayport customer for the past six years. The loans she has taken out have paid for university fees, an extension to her house and a loved one’s funeral.

“Over the years I have referred many friends and family members to Bayport because of the kind assistance I have always enjoyed.”

When she started to experience health problems recently, Loretta thought it would pass. Sadly her health deteriorated very quickly, to the point where she was placed on early retirement due to the ill health.

It took a few weeks for her pension money to pay out. By the time she received it, she knew that she had to contact Bayport to make a plan to catch up on her outstanding payments.

Loretta phoned Client Services and explained her situation. She was told the good news that she could put in a claim against her credit insurance. The process resulted in the full settlement of the R90,595.63 that she still owed.

“I no longer have to explain why I cannot pay my account, which has changed my life. I am grateful for what Bayport has done for me.”

It’s more than a loan,
it’s how we change lives.