Bayport customer stories – Mr Ernest Lesako

Ernest Lesako

This is how we make a difference every day – the Bayport way.

When Ernest Lesako took out his Bayport loan, little did he know that a few months down the line the company he was working for would go through financial difficulty and implement short-time. He went from working a six-day week, to a three-day week, and his wages were cut in half.

“I was worried about how I would meet my financial obligations, including my Bayport repayments,” says Ernest.

When his Bayport instalment came back as unpaid, the Collections team contacted Ernest. After hearing about his changed circumstances, the agent advised him to put in a claim against his credit insurance. The claim was paid and Ernest’s account settled in full.

“Thank you Bayport for helping me in this difficult time.”

It’s more than a loan,
it’s how we change lives.