About Bayport

Bayport Financial Services provides financial solutions that enable the positive in our customers’ lives. Established in 2004, Bayport has rapidly become one of the largest non-bank providers of unsecured credit and allied products in South Africa.

Through our nationwide multifaceted distribution footprint we are able to effectively service the needs of our customers no matter how remote their location through our loans and insurance product offerings.

Bayport is about building lasting relationships with our customers, communities and stakeholders based on trust and an understanding of their overall expectations. Utilising a combination of our far reaching branch infrastructure, our mobile consultants and call centres and online loans platform, there are very few lives we cannot touch.

With the implementation of a proven information technology platform and a proficient risk and credit assessment competency, Bayport has been able to substantially grow market share whilst maintaining credit quality.

As a result of our commitment and depth of experience of shareholders, board and management team, Bayport has been able to embrace the opportunities presented by the National Credit Act (NCA) and an increasingly vibrant unsecured credit market.

Bayport’s role as a responsible member of society is to provide services of the highest standard.Wherever a Bayport branch is found, it signifies our determination to promote access to unsecured credit and make it a reality for our customers.

Vision and Mission

Our mission

Bayport’s mission is to provide financial solutions suited to the needs of an inclusive and broad customer base; embracing technology, product leadership and innovation and so becoming the leading developing market financial solutions provider.

Our vision

Our vision is to be the most valued financial solutions brand in our chosen markets by providing a broad range of unique and relevant financial solutions tailored to the needs of our customers.

To achieve this, Bayport will engineer a new reality in financial services provision; and will be recognised for consistently demonstrating the highest standard of care, responsibility and innovation.

What we believe in: Our core values



We believe in the capacity and will of all people to empower themselves and shape their own destinies, given the right economic and self-empowerment opportunities and access to life-changing financial solutions. We believe in an empowered corporate culture where the Bayport family is encouraged to be proactive, and has the right tools and approach to fulfill our brand promise.



We believe in our duty of care for each and every customer to provide responsible access to credit, risk products and other financial solutions. We believe in our role as a responsible member of societies in which we live and provide services; as well as our responsibility to each other. We uphold the highest standard of integrity, corporate citizenship and ethical behaviour.



We believe in innovation that matters and makes things better; in technology and product innovations that enable meaningful relationships with our customers. We believe in the spirit of creative entrepreneurship, challenging conventions and embracing the lessons we have learned.



We are committed to doing and creating things that are simple. Simple is to understand and resonate with. Simple to promote without the cost the confusion. A brand promise expressed in the simplest, most single-minded way. Simplicity must rule how we talk to our customers, design our solutions and innovate; how we work together; meet and make decisions.



We believe in the power to build lasting relationships with members of the Bayport family, customers communities and stakeholders, based on trust and a deep understanding of what matters to them. We recognise that our local partners and local management are the true champions or our brand, and that their local wisdom is critical for success.



We believe in continuosly putting ourselves to a simple series of tests by asking “Is what I am doing consistent with The Bayport Way and…

  • good for our customer?
  • adding value to or assisting the Bayport family?
  • time and cost efficient?
  • sustainable?
By answering “Yes!” we ensure that what we are doing is relevant.

The Bayport Way

  1. An unshakeable and genuine belief in every individual customer’s ability to improve their lives through access to credit and other valuable financial solutions.

  2. Unquestioned passion and commitment to making credit, insurance, savings and transacting solutions easily and responsibly available; while leading the market with a competitive offering and transparency and disclosure of information.

  3. The strength to recognise that our local partners and local management are the true champions of our brand, and that their local wisdom is critical to success. We also recognise the value in learning from others and applying the best practices across the Group.

  4. The commitment to establish and create businesses using Bayport’s collective resources and skills; and supporting our expert local management in growing our businesses into the future.

  5. The expertise to create an unconventional, multifaceted distribution capability which embraces fixed and mobile branches, widespread teams of origination consultants, call centres and unique third party distribution relationships. This capacity ensures that Bayport can service the full potential of our markets at the least cost and inconvenience to our customers.

  6. A substantial and ongoing investment in proprietary and purpose-developed information technology systems which enable the delivery of customer-centric financial solutions. Technology will drive our innovation and cost efficiency as a key competitive advantage.

  7. The strength of financial expertise and corporate reputation to be able to continually raise competitively priced capital for the holding company and operating companies to ensure the optimum levels of leverage to drive sustainable growth.

  8. To attract and retain special people to our business who add momentum to our success through their passion and skills.

  9. The commitment to invest in and uplift the communities in which we operate and live, both in terms of people’s lives, social infrastructure and the natural environment.